Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pumpkin Topiary-Dollar Tree Craft

Hello everyone! You might have noticed there hasn't been many new posts. That's because I have been trying out different crafts to share with you. Being a SAHM means limited alone time to craft. Which is why I have been quiet for weeks.

My crafting routine starts with me stalking Pinterest for ideas. (Tip: if you can't find what you imagine your head then it's original and get to making it!) I tend to jump from cards to decor to handmade gifts.

My first craft I am going to share is a Pumpkin Topiary. (Tip: when shopping for holiday decorations GO EARLY in the season). My poor husband and son were dragged once again to the Dollar Tree. Mainly poor husband since he is the one chasing our son while I browse and shop for an hour at least.

My inspiration came from Amazon & Nellie Bellie

I saw a pin using Dollar Tree foam pumpkins. Yea right my store isn't going to have these, I thought. I was in luck! I found a bunch but limited my self to 3. It's best to buy the bare necessities for a new craft BUT start crafting shortly after your purchase.

I used Mod Podge, acrylic paint, glitter & spray sealant. I started with just Mod Podge and sprinkled various shades of orange Martha glitter. Thanks to my wonderful husband who gave me the glitter set last Christmas. The 2nd I painted white by mixing the paint and MP. The 3rd I painted black with the MP mixture. I added just a touch of matching glitter on the white and black pumpkin. I went back and added some shadowing with various colors.

I do have to mention these Dollar Tree pumpkins have a seam running through the middle. I added ribbon to the orange one since it was most noticeable. I finished them with aerosol low odor sealant in case I use these outside. (The outside idea is from another pin.)

I posted photos from my phone and in 30 seconds my wonderful friends were asking questions. I new I had to sit down and write this post now.

I had dowels on hand however they were just a tad short when I staked the pumpkins. I found a pack of smore sticks for .99/4. They are HUGE. I didn't measure and didn't see it on the package.

While attempting to stake my first pumpkin my little black evil (not really) cat came along and stole my stick. He has a taste for wooden objects. (Don't ask about the dining room chairs). The bottom pumpkin I staked straight down the stem, I positioned the 2nd topsy but I discovered the pumpkin is hallow and it corrected itself. The top pumpkin did stay a tad topsy. That's OK because two homemade items never look the same. I did have to trim the stick before staking the top pumpkin so it didn't come through the top.

We had this half naked wreath that I used for a centerpiece. I gathered some loose leaves and placed them in between the pumpkins and scattered on the wreath.

This project cost $3.33 for supplies not on hand. You can find loose leaves at the Dollar Tree too if you do not have any or cut your own from paper. Get the kids involved. ;-)

Happy Crafting.

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