Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Outdoor planter

Once again I found inspiration on Pinterest. I finally figured out what my planters were missing! Multiple types of plants with themed decorations!

Last year I bought these beautiful mums. I put 3 pots on the steps in various colors along with our real pumpkins. It was cute but missing something. It didn't have the WOW factor. It didn't stand out from other houses.

It all started with a trip to Walmart. I needed just ONE thing, just one. haha My poor husband was tricked again. It's sorta his fault since he insist we enter through the garden center which happened to have a few LARGE terra cot pots on clearance.

That 14 inch beauty cost $5! I promptly painted it black. Why black? Colors seem to really pop in dark pots instead of blending (out of sight).

The next day we visited our local hardware store. The mums were gone from Walmart (sigh too late again). I settled on a 6pk for less than $2. I of course bought two and put a 6pk out back. I picked purple for the front. I knew my decorations would be orange and purple is just lovely.

I added a purple pansy and our first decor Kale which is purple in the center. See a theme.

The gourd is a Dollar Tree find along with the small sparkle pumpkin. As I gathered the indoor decorations I found this topiary type object I made last year. I gathered items from a weathered wreath and my hot glue gun. They did look a bit out of place indoors last year but they were perfect for this planter.

Remember the Pumpkin Topiary I posted? I was going to place this in the planter to had height but it was too short for the big pot. I found Mom's old Fall garden stake and brought it back to life with some acrylic paint and sealant. I just followed the fainted the design with an almost steady hand. I replaced the leaves with newer and brighter ones.

Isn't so fallish! I love it!

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