Monday, October 14, 2013

nuNAAT Real Me Review

I was recently given an opportunity to try nuNNAT's new line of hair care called REAL ME!

Get ready for picture overload!

Don't see a difference? That's a wonderful thing for my hair. I spent 2 years formulating my own conditioner and hair gel to achieve the same results as nuNAAT's Real Me product line.

What I like about nuNAAT Real Me:
Retains my curls while holding just enough moisture. The styling products are very light weight. The conditioner perfectly balances the moisture in my hair. Did you know frizz can occur when your hair is over conditioned too? Yes that's correct!

Sometimes I do use my own gel for extra hold. There is no crunch with the hair products. It only flakes when I apply too much. You do have to find the right balance of pomade, curl activator and sheen.

My husband prefers a pomade that isn't waxy with hold. He was surprisingly content with nuNAAT. I personally think his hair looks healthier. It's has shine and less frizz.

Here is my process:

-Shampoo once a week 

-Apply everyday thinner conditioner

-Rinse with water and finger comb

-Finish with a cool rinse

I use the deep conditioner as needed which has been every two weeks. As I mentioned earlier you can over conditioner your hair. I was using similar ingredients to nuNNAT's deep conditioner as an everyday product. I changed the formula several times to avoid over conditioning. What I needed to do was leave that as a treatment and formulate another conditioner without BTMS which is what nuNNAT has done. A detangler is what I need daily since curls like to twist and knot together.

Anytime you try a new scented product, the smell is more noticeable. My husband said it took a few days to not notice the scent. Which is good news if you are not a fan of the fragrance. I love how it's not a heavy scent but light and airy.

What I don't like about nuNAAT's Real ME:
Applying 3 styling products to achieve the same look as my one homemade gel. I prefer simplicity and my hair needs ingredients from each product to retain the curls and moisture without frizz. Overall, the 3 products worked much better than any other commercial gel I have used in years.

Everyone's hair is different and we may experience different results. I can say these ingredients are gentle on my hair and I have selected many for my own formulas. Formulating your own products takes times and patience. It just comes naturally to me and at least I am putting my College education to practice.

If you are looking for a gentle, no silicone, sulfate free product then you must try this line. It doesn't weigh your hair down either and leaves tons of shine without a greasy feeling.

What's the secret in my hair gel? Silicones and panthenol.

The Real Me product line contains
  • Lather Up & Hydrate Shampoo
  • Real Moisture Conditioner
  • Pick me Up Sheen
  • Blast of Shine Hair Mask
  • Natural Curl Activator
  • Perfect Do Pomade

Connect With NuNAAT
Disclaimer: I received the Real Me line free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Some tips for curly hair:

Scrunch and comb with your fingers in the shower. Don't brush or rub your hair dry. Use a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel. Avoid friction!!!! Frizz appears in dry hair, over conditioned hair, too much friction or sorry to say genetics. The less you disturb the curls the more shape it retains. Cold rinse really does work when your hair is healthy and you are using the correct products. It make take 2 weeks to see the desired change in your hair. It needs time to adjust and so do you.

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