Monday, August 12, 2013

Lavender & Sage

 Lavender & Sage Centerpiece

It's wrapped around a glass jar. I placed the twine on the table, then laid the lavender on top. I laid the glass at one end and rolled until the ends met. Don't pull the twine too tight or you can break the Lavender. Wrap the twine around a few more times.

I trimmed back our sage and slid the stems under the twine.

As the sun was setting, I went back outside and carefully placed another jar on top with a candle inside. The inspiration for this piece contained a lit candle in the main glass that the lavender was wrapped around. Neither seem safe to me but I took some photos before blowing the candle out.

The top photo is with a backlight flash. The blurry jar was sponged with mod podge and food dye on the outside only. I couldn't resist placing the jars on the ledge for a sunset setting.

Burning dried lavender smells so good. It doesn't really burn when fresh. I would be cautious around an open flame since it does contain oils. Lavender is known to have a calming affect and it repels many bugs that bite.

The sage isn't my favorite herb to burn. Some say the scent resembles Marijuana. I have heard some burn sage to ward off evil spirits. You would do this in every room, filling the house with the scent. Sage does give off A LOT of smoke.

Lovely handmade vase showcasing the herbs in your garden while naturally repelling the bugs.

I did originally see this tip on Pinterest but the original blog is now closed.

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