Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Ink Storage

DIY Ink storage.

This was my guide. I couldn't use the 1x4 strips. My box was a bit narrower.

Using the box idea came from this you tube!


I cut the two boxes at 3 1/4 wide. Hot glued them together. I cut shelves  3 1/4 wide by 5 long. I bent the sides in at 1inch. Some I cut a bit shorter. The base of the distress inks are a snug fit so I couldn't bend the sides longer than one inch. I made sure the ink pad fit before gluing the next piece.

If I was to do this again, I would line the box inside before adding the shelves. You need to practice adding the shelves. I did remove and glue a few again. If I did line the box first that paper would have ripped off. You could add ribbon but that isn't my style.

Next step is to label the ink pads. I have them in rainbow order but when you have 5 greens it's important to know which is lime and which is olive ;-)

Or you can buy a 24ct storage for $43.49 +tax on Amazon.

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