Saturday, August 10, 2013

Frugal Blending tool

Card making is one of my hobbies. I especially love using Distress Ink pads to create my own pattern paper. The blending tools can be expensive. Sure $5 for one tool doesn't sound steep but when you are blending multiple colors changing the pad each time takes time. I don't want my ink to dry before I can blend the next color.

I saw a video on Pinterest on how to make you own blending tools. The video shows you how to create a wooden block with foam tape & Velcro. It does not include how to create the handle but I am sure you would still create your own tool for under $5.

I opted to order the blocks at Hobby Lobby. I was already purchasing other goodies and was eligible for free shopping and cash back. At the time I only had 5 ink pads and since I procrastinated on this product I have collected 20 distress ink pads.

Check out Luvleescrappin's video here:

The blocks I chose for this project are smaller than the blending pad. If you want them to be the same size I suggest visiting your local hardware store like Luvleescrappin. I did not find the Velcro or Foam tape at my local dollar store. They do vary by location.

Hobby Lobby shopping list:
1 1/4 blocks Birch Wood $3.99 for 8
Sticky Foam Tape
Blending replacement Pads

I recently found wood products online at Caseys Wood for .35 a block before tax and s/h.

Total cost was $1.50 per tool. Ranger's Inkssentials tool is $5 at Hobby Lobby.
20 tools=$100 ranger ink and $30 diy tool
$70 savings!

I used a Bic Permanent pen to write the color & smeared some ink on another side.

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