Monday, July 30, 2012

Woolite® Complete Dark Care

I have been give the chance to participate in an exclusive Woolite® Extra Dark Care sampling and vie to become America's Next Top Wooliteer, an exciting opportunity to showcase your love of fashion and spread the word about how Woolite® can keep your denim and dark clothes looking like new for longer.

I was able to share some samples with family and friends. I picked the toughest and dirtiest workers to test the product-Construction workers. I gave four of them a sample for their wives. They loved it. The wives that is. ;-) It's gentle and kept their clothes from fading.

I used my sample on jeans, black little dress and dress pants. They look brand new! I highly recommend Complete care for your delicate clothing and jeans.

Thanks Woolite and Crowdtap for this opportunity & $1 coupon for future purchase.

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