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Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Hair Care recipes

My winning conditioner recipe for my curly hair type.

Heated Water Phase
distilled water 55.5%
Liquid Glycerin 1%
Hydroloyzed Oat protein 2%

Heated Oil Phase
Cetyl Alcohol 3.5%
Sunflower oil 6%

Cool down Phase
Polyquaternium#7 2%
dl Panthenol 50% Liquid 2%
Cyclo/dimethicone mix 2%
Cetrimonium Chloride 2%
Carrot extract 13%
Dulse extract 2.75%
Fragrance (cookie/pumpkin) 1%
Preservative 1%

Influenced by Swift's Dry hair conditioner.

The photo on the left is from 4 years ago. It's not wet but super stiff from commercial hair gel.  The two photos on the right are current. I used my conditioner and hair gel. It has a natural hold without that wet look and crunchy feel. 


Hair Gel Recipe:

 Water 94.5%
Xanthan gum 2%
Glycerin 2%
Preservative 1%
Fragrance .05%

I created a vortex and slowly poured the Xanthan gum into the heated water/glycerin mixture. It will turn into a gel substance. Before using the stick blender I added fragrance and preservative. I used a funnel to transfer it to a squeeze bottle.

I purchase from several suppliers. Not everything can be found at one supplier and some have minimum to order. I am not affiliated with the following suppliers, just those I have ordered from.
Bramble Berry -AWESOME fragrances.


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