Sunday, June 17, 2012

Go Green-Baby steps

I started the journey of eliminating commercial cleaning products for more natural alternatives. I prefer to make my own then spend several dollars for the same result. I had stopped using liquid fabric softener a few years ago. I had notice the film on our sheets and how irritated our skin had become. Towels also became less absorbent. Eliminating fabric softener (unscented included) the film wasn't forming as quickly on newer sheets. I was still using unscented dryer sheets for the softness and anti-static benefits. I needed a solution.

Wool dryer balls! They are non-toxic & hypoallergenic. They reduce drying time, reduce static (fleece items not included), & soften clothes. They will fray overtime but you can remove the pills with a disposable razor.

I ordered my set of 6 locally from Etsy. You can learn how to make your own from Crunchy Betty.

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