Saturday, June 9, 2012

Creating your own products

I started creating my own personal care products a little over 8 months ago. It started as a Christmas Spa gift for family. Afterwards I was left with product and unsure how to use them. I have done tons of research over the last few months. I have made mistakes along the way. I highly recommend anyone attempting this journey to read the blog "Point of Interest". Susan is extremely knowledgeable and researches every aspect. Please read her site for a few days before attempting on your own. I have spent the last 2 months jumping from 2009-2012 posts. I always walk away with new knowledge. I wish I had started with her site months ago but you learn through mistakes too.

Down the right column you will find various categories to get you started. Susan does come a scientific stand point. Please don't let that scare you from her posts. I do have a background in science however it's been years since I studied. I was overwhelmed at first too.

Most important post to read first. There are several recipes floating the web and pinterest that goes completely against the rules of preserving. What is NOT a preservative.

Which preservative do I need? Preservatives

Once you understand the basics take a look at the products you love. Educate yourself on the ingredients through Susan's list, web searches and Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. What you find may surprise you.

What is your goal in creating your own products? Financial? Control? More natural? I started learning essential oil blends and how they are best used. I then wanted control over the ingredients in my products. I never liked the smell of lavender but discovered my skin loves it.

I have naturally thick curly hair. I abused my hair chemically with loads of products containing alcohol and coloring. I miss my bouncy shiny curls. When I started building a stockpile through couponing I opened my world to new products. I was a loyal brand user. Through experimenting with my low cost/free products I discovered some ingredients my hair despises (silk protein) and some it loves (coconut oil). Many brands have reformulated their products over the years. My favorite brand no longer gives me the bouncy curls I love. By reading the ingredients and doing some research I have discovered what exact ingredients work for my hair.

You need patience. This can be costly upfront. Research suppliers. I fell in love with one company but they are the complete other side of the country which means shipping takes awhile. I am willing to wait a few days longer than a supplier that is not as professional but cheaper. Now that doesn't mean the most expensive place is the best either.  Some suppliers require a minimum order of $30. Some offer samples with every order.  With that said I will list who I currently use and Susan has a few more on her site.

You will need supplies specifically for products and NOT FOOD:

Scales-.00 grams at least.
Mixer-stick and wisk
Heating and holding containers- Brand that withstands heat/cold
Pots/double boilers
Spoons for mixing
Candy Thermometers
Bottles-not to be reused!!!

Bramble Berry From soap supplies to makeup to candles. Best fragrances I have tried.
Lotioncrafter-Has Cetrimonium Chloride which Herbie doesn't carry.
The Herbarie -$30 min order for US. Will ship to Canada-see their site for details.
Elements Bath and Body- They also sell ingredients but I use them for bottles/containers.
Plant Therapy - Essential oils

Essential oils, fragrance oils and candle scents are not the same. Candle scents may NOT be used on the skin.

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