Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Toddler Flag craft

I saw this cute craft on Pinterest today. It only took 45mins to get two toddlers to first wait for me to get the supplies. I was gathering supplies for multiple crafts and they kept mixing them. Ugh Then it's I want glitter, I want glitter, I want glitter.

Teachers have it so much easier than us SAHMs. Of course they also think & plan ahead.

Once they were settled we started with red glitter glue/paint. It's more translucent and more glittery. One did the white while the other did blue. This is when one said child chanted I want glitter. The white paint overpowered the glitter oddly enough.

I pulled out the cricut for the star shapes ;-) Tip remember if you make something tiny, it takes more effort to remove them from the mat & then to glue on said project.

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