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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lilla Who?

What in the world is LillaRose and why does it matter to me?

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LillaRose is the only direct sales company that offers hair jewelry. Our patented one piece hair clip is called the Flexi Clip. The figure 8 is a piano wire with ornate beads with a certain design. The pin has a hole in the middle so it slides along the end of the figure 8 design.
If you have thick, short, long, or thin hair we have a size for you because they are available in 7 sizes. The pin also has 3 notches in the side where the figure 8 will rest so you can adjust the tightness.
This one piece flexi clip is durable & flexible.  Admit it! How many times when wearing the claw did you bang your head on the head rest in a car? No more banging your head since the flexi lays flat on your head.

Check out my video on LillaRose

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