Friday, March 14, 2014

Lock in Amazon Prime at $79

Lock into $79 Amazon Prime membership today before it increases to $99.

Thanks Penny Pinchin Mom :

1.  Log into your account and check out your Amazon Prime expiration date.  Click on Your Prime from the grey menu bar.  From there, click on Manage Prime Membership (you may need to log in again).  You will see the date you will be renewing listed in the side bar and the rate you will be charged.

2.  Purchase a Prime Gift Membership for just $79.  Set the delivery date for the date AFTER your membership expires.  For example, if it expires on July 15, 2014, you will set the delivery date to July 16, 2014.  Enter your own email address as the recipient’s address.  Finalize your order.

3.  Go back into your Amazon Prime account and turn OFF auto-renew.

4.  The day after your membership expires, you will receive an email which includes a gift membership.  Simply follow the instructions to apply it to your account.

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