Thursday, March 28, 2013

Window Clings

cfi glass clings

Did you ever purchase a craft item and months later you wonder why? That was me! I found a roll of contact paper forgetting I wanted to make clings like vinyl but cheaper.

Cricut cartridge-Create a Critter
Stock paper or precut shapes
Contact Paper
Tacky glue
Optional: glitter

Cricut Setting: 
Speed & pressure on 2
Blade setting 6

You want to cut the contact paper to the size of your mat. Mine is 12x6. Lay the paper sided down to the sticky side of the matt. I cut these shapes at 4 1/2.

Cut your design the same size but on contact paper. Speed 4, Pressure 3 and blade 4 was used.

Decorate the paper with markers or glitter. I used Martha Stewart Glitter Set thanks to the hubby. Try to keep the glitter towards the middle. When you apply the contact paper there will be area bubbles around the glitter.

I applied the contact paper on top of the stock paper for protection. I then applied a generous amount of tacky glue (washable) on the front of the contact paper.  Allow to dry and apply to your glass or window.

You can easily clean your window with a vinegar solution.

cfi glass clingscfi glass clingscfi glass clings

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  1. Great idea, and it's so cute!! I have a Shilouette and I love it <3

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  3. I never thought about doing that . I am going to try this out thank you so much for the review

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