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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why no new blog posts?

I asked a few weeks ago what content you wanted to see on my blog. 99% said more crafts. I found a few crafts on pinterest I wanted to try. I am confused on conflicting information and how it will stand up over time. I have been trying different paints in this case to see which is best to recommend for the project.

With a toddler around my time is limited when it comes to crafting. Some steps require time and precision.

I had a few fails along the way. I think I found something that will succeed.

I am also trying to promote Lilla Rose. I have 3 bloggers currently reviewing clips they picked and we will be offering giveaways ;-)

I signed up for a few product reviews and have been testing their products. I don't right reviews without properly testing the product. If it fails to do what they promise I don't give up but test some more. ;-)

I am also a huge fan of Game of Thrones! My husband read the books. We watched them together and his college work has been keeping him busy at nights. We have just two more episodes to watch.

I also finished the 5th book in the Outlander series and reading to start the 6th. This will also become a tv series on Starz soon. The latest book will be available in the spring. I am hoping to catch up by then.

Blogging is a part time job that I love but I won't let it consume my time. Thanks for being a true fan and hanging around for more posts.

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